Help with legal information

Information for children and young people to help them understand and talk about their legal rights.

  • Headspace toolkit

    The Headspace Toolkit is for young people who are inpatients in psychiatric units. It provides you with basic information about being an inpatient, what the law says, your rights, who you can talk to, how to speak up (self-advocate) and get others to listen, what to do if you are not happy with your service and other useful information.

  • Lawstuff: children's legal centre

    This website is full of information about children and young people's legal rights. It was created by the Children's Legal Centre, which is a charity that promotes children's rights and gives legal advice and representation to children and young people. You can find information on lots of topics that affect your life, such as education, health care and working. If you need legal advice on any topic, you can call the Child Law Advice Line (freephone) on 08088 020 008.

  • Young people’s guide to transition

    Explains the rights young people have when they are in transition from CAMHS. Aims to support young people to speak up (self-advocate) and be fully included in the transition process.

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