Research and briefings

Includes insights into what works well and what hinders effective transitions planning.

  • Website Transition to adult services for young people with mental health needs: a systematic review

    The objective of this study was to systematically review evidence on the effectiveness of different models of CAMHS–AMHS (child and adolescent to adult mental health services) transitional care, service user and staff perspectives, and facilitators of/barriers to effective CAMHS–AMHS transition.

    Publisher: Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry (CCPP)
    Published Date: 15/04/2014

  • Website Lost in transition: moving young people between child and adult health services

    Guidance from the Royal College of Nursing about managing young people's transition to adult services.

    Publisher: Royal College of Nursing (RCN)
    Published Date: 09/12/2013

  • Website ‘Mind the gap’ - mapping services for young people with ADHD transitioning from child to adult mental health services

    This paper reports on the findings of a survey of 96 healthcare professionals working in children’s (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Community Paediatrics) and adult services across five NHS Trusts within the East Midlands region of England to gain a better understanding of the current provision of services for young people with ADHD transitioning into adult mental health services.

    Publisher: BMC Psychiatry 2013, 13:186
    Published Date: 13/08/2013

  • Website Destination unknown? Transition to adulthood for people with autism spectrum disorders

    This article draws upon a range of research evidence in order to explore the process of transition to adulthood for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It provides a brief overview of extended and complex youth transitions in different cultural contexts, with particular reference to Scotland. It also highlights particular patterns of vulnerability for people with ASD.

    Publisher: British Journal of Special Education
    Published Date: 15/06/2012

  • Website Mental health service transitions for young people: SCIE research briefing 37

    This briefing looks at recent research literature (since 2000) on the move from child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) to adults’ services for young people with psychological, emotional or behavioural problems, referred to as ‘mental health service transitions’. The briefing asks: What do professionals, young people, parents, carers and families think about mental health service transitions and what has their experience been? What evidence is there for good practice and service models in supporting successful service transitions?

    Publisher: Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)
    Published Date: 10/05/2011

  • Website Supporting effective transitions in mental health services for young adults - case studies

    Case studies showing how services can innovate to improve service transitions for young people. They feature the following services: Sheffield ADHD transitions; City and Hackney CAMHS Extended Service; Youth team within the Central Norfolk Early Intervention in Psychosis team; Uthink – a third sector recovery learning programme for 14-25 year olds; Y-Talk counselling and therapy service, Sheffield YMCA

    Publisher: Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)
    Published Date: 04/05/2011

  • Website Patients' perspective on factors that facilitate transition from child-centered to adult-centered health care: a theory integrated metasummary of quantitative and qualitative studies

    Purpose: The purpose of this review was twofold. First, to summarize systematically the state of the research conducted on the perspective of patients on transition from child-centered care to adult-centered care (ACC). Second, based on this review of patients' perspective, to identify factors that facilitate transition to ACC.

    Publisher: Journal of Adolescent Health
    Published Date: 16/04/2011

  • Website Improving services for young people: an economic perspective

    This study found that if a more coordinated approach to services for vulnerable young people were adopted the cost benefits to the state, and improved outcomes for young people, would be to the value of £3.2 billion.

    Publisher: New Economics Foundation (NEF)
    Published Date: 29/03/2011

  • Website Improving the transition between paediatric and adult healthcare: a systematic review

    The transition between paediatric and adult care for young people with chronic illness or disability is often poorly managed, with adverse consequences for health. Although many agree that adolescent services need to be improved, there is little empirical data on which policies can be based. The objectives of this review were to systematically review the evidence of effectiveness of transitional care programmes in young people aged 11–25 with chronic illness (physical or mental) or disability, and identify their successful components.

    Publisher: Archives of Disease in Childhood
    Published Date: 08/03/2011

  • Website Process, outcome and experience of transition from child to adult mental healthcare: multiperspective study

    This study concludes that for the vast majority of service users, transition from CAMHS to AMHS is poorly planned, poorly executed and poorly experienced. The abstract is freely available, but their is a charge for the full-text of the paper.

    Publisher: British Journal of Psychiatry
    Published Date: 17/11/2010

  • Website Transition from CAMHS to Adult Mental Health Services (TRACK): a study of service organisation, policies, process and user and carer perspectives

    The TRACK study aims to identify what factors facilitate or impede effective transition of patients from CAMHS to adult services; what barriers exist at the interface of these services; what are the outcomes of those who make a transition and those who need transition but fall through the care net; and how users, carers, and care co-ordinators experience transition.

    Publisher: National Inst for Health Research Service Delivery and Org
    Published Date: 25/01/2010

  • Website Two steps forward and one step back

    An insight into the views of ordinary young people in England and Northern Ireland on the transition from childhood to adulthood.

    Publisher: Young Minds
    Published Date: 14/08/2008

  • Website Transition of adolescents to adult mental health services

    Research briefing aimed at councillors, containing information about key research findings, good practice and policy developments relating to young people aged 16-25 with mental health problems and the particular difficulties they face in making the transition from children's to adults' services.

    Publisher: Research in Practice (RIP)
    Published Date: 21/05/2007

  • Website Making mentoring more effective

    The purpose of this publication is to highlight what factors contribute to a positive outcome in mentoring schemes that match adults with young people, and the importance of planning, structure and adequate resources.

    Publisher: YoungMinds
    Published Date: 09/12/2006

  • Website A work in progress: the adolescent and young adult brain

    This paper summarises some recent findings from the field of neuroscience into adolescent and young adult brain development. It explores these findings, discusses the links between brain development and mental health, and concludes with some implications for mental health service policy for the 16-25 age group.

    Publisher: YoungMinds
    Published Date: 27/10/2006

  • Website Information for higher education institutions on helping students with personality disorder or personality difficulties

    This paper is intended for heads of student support services, student counselling service managers, mental health co-ordinators, disability support teams, hall managers, wardens, heads of academic departments and academics. It has been written in order to help Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) deal appropriately and helpfully with students who can be described as having significant personality difficulties or who have a diagnosis of personality disorder.

    Publisher: YoungMinds
    Published Date: 27/10/2006

  • Website Higher education institutions and international students

    This paper is intended to draw attention to and help Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) support the mental health of their international students.

    Publisher: YoungMinds
    Published Date: 27/10/2006

  • Website Stressed out and Struggling (SOS) project: report 1: service mapping

    This report details the results of a qualitative mapping of how well Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in England and Scotland consider they are meeting the mental health needs of 16-25 year-old young adults.

    Publisher: YoungMinds
    Published Date: 02/02/2006

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