About Child Health and Maternity Partnership (CHaMP)

The Child Health and Maternity Partnership (CHaMP) was a national service improvement resource for child health and maternity services. It was funded and supported by the Office of the Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) Chief Executives and the Department of Health (DH).

CHaMP's work came to an end on 31 March 2011. CHaMP resources continue to be available on the ChiMat website.

During its two years' of work, CHaMP coordinated and provided consultancy and capacity development for service improvement with particular expertise in integrated working across health and social care. CHaMP provided support for service delivery, joint commissioning, knowledge sharing and partnership working.

CHaMP acted as a vehicle for specialist advice in service improvement with particular expertise in integrated working across health, social care and other public sectors. It provided support for service delivery, joint commissioning, and knowledge sharing across multiple stakeholders and in strengthening partnership arrangements.

CHaMP worked on:
  • Supporting NHS capacity to deliver and work in effective partnerships with a particular focus on disability and commissioning
  • Supporting delivery of priorities for children within the NHS operating framework
  • Supporting SHA initiatives eg in development of the Healthy Child Programme and workforce issues such as health visiting
  • Working to support Integrated working in early years services in partnership with Together for Children
  • Managing the children’s safeguarding website – Support, Advice and Information Forum (SAIF)
  • Supporting the Transition Support Programme
  • Commissioning specialist pieces of work eg PCT Executive Safeguarding Lead Board Members
  • Co-ordinating service improvement support across organisations working with children’s services
  • Developing conferences eg National Safeguarding conference
  • Developing a knowledge based website with ChiMat (Child and Maternal Health Observatory)

CHaMP worked in partnership with other organisations to share expertise on child health, maternity and integrated services and to avoid duplication.


CHaMP was governed by a national steering group with representation from SHA Children's Leads, Department of Health, Children's Service Advisors, National CAMHS Support Service (NCSS) and the national Child and Maternal Health Observatory (ChiMat).

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