CHaMP Events

CHaMP's work came to an end on 31 March 2011. CHaMP resources continue to be available on the ChiMat website.

Resources from events held by CHaMP are available below:

The Child Health Improvement Forum:
Supporting Commissioner’s of Children’s Services

CHaMP held two workshops in June (Leeds and Reading) to support commissioners of children’s services. The workshop brought together nine organisations with a proven track record of helping deliver service improvement in health or children’s services to provide a day of experiential learning.

Participants learned how each of these organisations can help through the different elements of the commissioning cycle and where to go to for specialist support. They also brought real challenges and considered how the different organisations could help them commission services which are user focussed and able to deliver improvements in quality, productivity and outcomes.

Use the Child Health Improvement commissioning cycle as a quick guide to what each agency offers. This document summarises and provides links to the information, tools and services offered to support key stages of the commissioning cycle.

Safeguarding conference 2010

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