Research collaborations

ChiMat is working with various research departments and organisations to support ongoing research as well as the synthesis and application of research findings to promote evidence based practice. Examples of our collaborations are summarised below.

Neonatal Data Analysis Unit (NDAU) - Imperial College London

ChiMat worked with the National Data Analysis Unit (NDAU) in developing the NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare for Children and Young People which includes a metric on admission of term babies to neonatal units.

The NDAU aims to support UK neonatal units, networks, and NHS trusts to improve the quality of care for newborns and their outcomes through health services support and research. It works to improve the quality of operational clinical data captured at the point of clinical care and promote their best use to support neonatal services and facilitate research. The NDAU analyse data for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP).

Public Health Research Consortium (PHRC)

The Public Health Research Consortium (PHRC) brings together researchers from 11 UK institutions and aims to strengthen the evidence base for public health, with a strong emphasis on tackling socioeconomic inequalities in health. It is funded by the Department of Health Policy Research Programme.

ChiMat and the Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Observatory (YHPHO) have been involved in the PHRC project: Will policies for the early years reduce inequalities in health? A synthesis of evidence to inform policy development, using the examples of unintentional injury and childcare. (Executive summary, short report and final report available.)

Related articles co-authored by ChiMat and YHPHO are:

A Pearce, L Li, J Abbas, B Ferguson, H Graham, C Law, the Millennium Cohort Study Child Health Group (2010). Does childcare influence socioeconomic inequalities in unintentional injury? Findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study. J Epidemiol Community Health; 64:161-166. doi:10.1136/jech.2009.092643

A Pearce, L Li, J Abbas, B Ferguson, H Graham and C Law, and the Millennium Cohort Study Child Health Group (2010). Is childcare associated with the risk of overweight and obesity in the early years? Findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study. International Journal of Obesity, doi:10.1038/ijo.2010.15

Pearce, A., Li, L., Abbas, J., Ferguson, B., Graham, H., Law, C. and the Millennium Cohort Study Child Health Group (2009) Does childcare influence the risk of overweight and obesity in the early years? Findings from the UK millennium cohort study. Conference Proceeding. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health; 63 (Suppl II): A11. doi:10.1136/jech.2009.096719b


Yorkshire and Humber Health Innovation and Education Cluster (YH HIEC)

The ChiMat local specialist for Yorkshire and Humber, Craig Baxter, is working with YH HIEC to provide analysis of secondary data to support the Maternal and Infant Health and Care theme. This theme aims to promote adoption and diffusion of evidence-based best practice across the region and to address inequalities in health and care, through innovation, education, and collaborative working. Priority topic areas for the first year are: maternal and infant nutrition; and normal birth/reducing interventions in labour and birth.

Read the report of a recent HIEC consultation Improving maternal and infant health and care: at admission in labour and promoting attachment and breastfeeding in neonatal units – Evidence into Practice consultations.


Association of Young People's Health (AYPH)

We are supporting AYPH to develop research updates and summaries highlighting the key issues and statistical trends in research and policy relating to young people’s health and well-being.

This work includes Research Summaries on the following topics: Disability; Physical activity; Alcohol and substance use; Teenage pregnancy and sexual health; Diet nutrition and eating behaviours; and Mental health and emotional well-being.

Quick links to local and national data trends are available to compliment the paper Adolescent health in the UK today: where next?

We have also supported the production and dissemination of the 2011 update of Key data on adolescence giving access to a broad range of research and statistical data about young people in an accessible format.


Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH)

ChiMat are working with the RCPCH and partners to make available the results of the Epilepsy 12 National Audit in an easy-to-read and accessible way.

This national 3 year audit, funded by the Health Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP), aims to help improve patient outcomes by engaging relevant health professionals to systematically evaluate their practice against key recommendations made in the NICE guideline for Epilepsies and SIGN Epilepsy guideline and to encourage improvement in the quality of care and services provided.

In addition, ChiMat are supporting the National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP) which aims to inform good clinical practice in neonatal care by auditing national standards. The audit is addressing ten audit questions and collects data on every baby admitted to a neonatal unit.


NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care

ChiMat’s Programme Director, Helen Duncan provides expert advice and guidance on the following data collection surveys carried out by the NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care.

Helen Duncan also chairs the Implementation Group for the new Maternity and Children’s Secondary Uses Dataset.


Mother and Infant Research Unit (MIRU) - University of York

Working in partnership with MIRU on a new programme to promote maternal and infant nutrition, ChiMat is providing expert advice and guidance as part of the programme advisory group. Projects include:


Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU) - University of York

ChiMat has contributed to the recent publication, The well-being of children in the UK (Third edition), edited by Jonathan Bradshaw and published by Policy Press. Jonathan Bradshaw is a Professor at the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York.

The well-being of children is a vital and highly topical issue. This important new book is the third in a series and updates the findings from a wide range of data to evaluate the outcomes of the Labour government's policies for children. Edited by a highly regarded expert in the field, it uses a framework to compare policy areas, making it an excellent source book for researchers, policy makers and students.


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