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  • Nutritionist Resource

    This website aims to be the leading directory for nutrition advice and information, connecting those seeking support with the largest network of nutritionists in the UK.

  • Childhood obesity in London

    Child obesity is a significant problem facing London with complex, and often interlinked, causes. There are a number of programmes that have been implemented in the UK and internationally to address the rising trend o ...

  • Brief interventions for weight management

    This paper provides a guide to current best available evidence on brief interventions for weight management with adults. Brief interventions are interventions focused on changing behaviour that are limited by time – ofte ...

  • Data sources: environmental influences on physical activity and diet

    Evidence shows that the environment has an effect on people’s dietary habits and participation in physical activity, which in turn affects their health. In order to identify where this may be a problem and to develop app ...

  • Childhood obesity and educational attainment: a systematic review

    There is currently great concern about levels of obesity in the UK, and its negative physical, psychological and social impacts. Current research suggests that there may be a relationship between obesity and poor educati ...

  • 2011 South East school food in a changing world seminar resources

    Resentations and report from this learning seminar (held 15 Feb 2011) are available on the Wellbeing Southeast website.

  • Obesity and mental health

    The paper provides an overview of current evidence on the relationship between obesity and mental health in the UK, and highlights the co-directional associations between common mental health disorders and obesity.

  • Obesity and ethnicity

    This briefing paper provides an overview of the current evidence on the relationship between obesity and ethnicity for adults and children in the UK.

  • Diabetes and obesity in pregnancy

    An epidemic of obesity is affecting growing numbers of women in their childbearing years increasing their risk of obstetric complications including diabetes, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, some malformations, macrosomia an ...

  • South Gloucestershire Council Sure Start project: Fun with food

    The project was set up in 2009 to tackle the rising trend in childhood obesity seen in Reception Year children in South Gloucestershire. The project used data from the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) for the ...


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