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PIMH: Tools and data

  • Website Marmot indicators for local authorities in England
    The London Health Observatory and the Marmot Review Team have produced baseline figures for some key indicators of the social determinants of health, health outcomes and social inequality that correspond, as closely as i ...

    Publisher: London Health Observatory (LHO)
    Published Date: 2011

  • Website Sourcing the pilot infant measures
    This information sheet from the CAMHS Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC), provides information about measures connected to perinatal and infant mental health.

    Publisher: CAMHS Outcomes and Research Consortium (CORC)
    Published Date: 2010

  • Website The Good Childhood Index
    The Children's Society has launched a new index aimed at measuring children and young people's wellbeing. The progress of this two-year research project are presented in the report Understanding children's wellbeing: a ...

    Publisher: The Children's Society
    Published Date: 2010

  • Website Children's Services Mapping: Perinatal mental health and infant mental health services
    With recognition of the need to improve perinatal mental health services, questions were added to the 2009/10 Children’s Services Mapping (CSM) exercise to establish a baseline of service provision in England. The findin ...

    Publisher: Children's Services Mapping (CSM)
    Published Date: 2010

  • Website Bromley Briefings prison factfile July 2010
    Based on official figures drawn from a wide range of sources, the Bromley Briefings prison fact file shows the extent and impact of the rise in the prison population in recent years. Includes sections on Mothers and fath ...

    Publisher: Prison Reform Trust
    Published Date: 2010

  • Website Currency options for the healthy child programme: transforming community services
    This is a tool for commissioners of community services to use in developing a more transparent, outcome-based approach to pay for the community services element of the universal Healthy Child Programme from pregnancy to ...

    Publisher: Department of Health (DH)
    Published Date: 2010

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