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Reducing unintentional injuries

23 June 2014
New reports to help local authorities and partners reduce unintentional injuries in children and young people.

Child Health Profiles 2014 - PDF reports

19 March 2014
These popular profiles provide a snapshot of child health and wellbeing for each local authority in England using key health indicators.

Early Years Profiles

10 March 2014
New Early Years Profiles enable you to make local and national comparisons with key indicators about children aged 0-5 years. Trend information also available.

Disease Management Information Toolkit (DMIT)

27 February 2014
This tool has been updated with data at clinical commissioning group (CCG) level for 2012/13.

Commissioning Tools Directory

There is a wealth of tools to support commissioners of children’s, young people’s and maternity services. This searchable directory helps you find them and decide which to use to help improve services in your area. It contains details of over 80 tools and provides a description of each one including which stage(s) of the commissioning cycle it supports, and links you directly to the tool.

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