PREview planning resources for commissioners and children's services leads

As a commissioner or children's services lead, PREview helps you make decisions about where to put your preventive resources now in order to make the best return for children in the future. Using the PREview Population Tool you can create maps for your local area forecasting likely outcomes for children in five years time.

Using the PREview resources for commissioners and children's services leads

Find out more about how the PREview Population Tool works and how you can use it to help make decisions about where to target resources and services. Learn how this tool fits within the broader preventive system and think about some of the questions you need to consider when using the PREview planning resources.

User manual for the PREview Population Tool

The user manual explains how to use the Population Tool including how to source, audit, collect, and link the required data in order to enter it into the tool to generate maps of local areas.

PREview Population Tool

The PREview Population Tool uses data to create maps for local areas showing likely outcomes for babies when they reach five years old. The maps show areas where intensive interventions are needed to make a difference, additional resources are needed, and where children are likely to have good outcomes. These maps to help identify where resources are most needed so that better outcomes can be achieved in the future.

Understanding the evidence behind PREview

PREview has been informed by a range of research and analysis.
  • Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study, including a series of colourful charts to visually illustrate the association between maternal factors and child outcomes
  • Research with parents
  • Reports of the literature reviews
  • Other useful reports


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