PREview planning resources for the Healthy Child Programme team - midwives, health visitors and children's centre practitioners

As a midwife, health visitor or other professional working in prevention and early intervention, PREview helps you decide which families need preventive support at an early stage in order to improve their child's outcomes at five years of age.

PREview Resources for Professionals

A guide for the Healthy Child Programme team, midwives, health visitors and other professionals working in prevention and early intervention, to help you:

  • Understand the factors around the time of birth that are associated with outcomes for a child at age five.
  • Help parents think about and plan for their child’s future.
  • Respond as a team to support the needs of local families.
  • Understand the theories and evidence for preventive work with young families.
  • Understand how PREview supports others including parents, practitioners, providers and commissioners.

We recommend you use the two-page glossary to help you understand some of the terms used in these resources, A – Z of terms used in the Millennium Cohort Study and referred to in the PREview resources.

Useful tools to download and use in your work

There are a number of tools described in the resources above. These are available here for easy reference so you can download or print them as and when you need.

PREview conversation starters: A series of conversation starters to guide meaningful discussions with parents and within teams.

Factors in pregnancy and early childhood associated with child outcomes: Easy-to-read charts illustrating the factors in pregnancy and early childhood associated with child outcomes. These charts summarise visually the evidence behind PREview. Use them to help plan which children could benefit most from preventive support early in life.

Understanding the evidence behind PREview

PREview has been informed by a range of research and analysis. A summary of the evidence and what it means for your work is explained in the PREview Resources for Professionals above.

For more detail you can read the full reports:

  • Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study
  • Research with parents
  • Reports of the literature reviews
  • Other useful reports

Other useful resources


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