About the data

Indicator data

The data used within the Local Authority Child Health Profiles 2014 is provided for every top level local authority in England.

Data for each of the 32 child health indicators presented in the spine-chart in each Profile are available on our Data Atlas. Using the Data Selector in the Data Atlas you can view or download the latest data for each indicator as a map, chart or table. Data are available for current and previous years.

All the data used in Child Health Profiles 2014 PDFs published on 19 March 2014 can be downloaded in an excel spreadsheet.

Indicator metadata

Detailed information (metadata) about the data used in Child Health Profiles is presented in the Indicator Guide. Use this document to find out how each indicator was created, where the data comes from, and what the public health and policy rationale is.

Previous years

The information is also available for previous years.

Six indicators within the 2011 profiles for the 23 North West local authorities are specific to this area and were chosen to more closely reflect local priorities for children’s and young people’s health, as set out in the guide for commissioners of children’s, young people’s and maternal health and well-being services published by NHS North West in March 2011. For more information, see the North West specific Indicator Guide.

Any published errata for previous editions of the Child Health Profiles are available.

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