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  • Website Neglect or emotional abuse in children aged 5-14: core info leaflet
    This leaflet summarises what is known about children between the ages of 5 – 14 who have been emotionally abused or neglected. It considers the children’s behaviour, school performance, and their interaction with others.

    Publisher: NSPCC
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website DfE: The national prospectus grants programme 2015-16
    The Department for Education’s National Prospectus Grants Programme for 2015-16 will provide up to £25 million in grant funding for voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations to help improve outcomes for ch ...

    Publisher: Department for Education (DfE)
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Spotting the signs of sexual exploitation: the BASHH proforma
    The 2014 amendment of the RCGP/NSPCC safeguarding children toolkit for general practice includes a new screening tool to identify young people at risk or suffering from sexual exploitation, developed by the Home Office a ...

    Publisher: Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Child protection in schools
    This introductory safeguarding course will help anyone who works with children in schools or colleges understand their role and responsibilities in protecting children and young people in schools or colleges from abuse o ...

    Publisher: NSPCC
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Child sexual exploitation: improving recognition and response in health settings
    This report, which has been drafted by a range of medical, health, academic and third sector groups, sets out a series of recommendations aimed at improving clinicians’ awareness of the issue and calls for medical Royal ...

    Publisher: Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Safeguarding children with autism
    This guide, for professionals with limited experience either of child protection or working with children with autism, identifies the key principles of safeguarding and outlines the steps that need to be taken when there ...

    Publisher: The National Autistic Society
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Safeguarding in education self-assessment tool
    This free tool helps a school's designated safeguarding lead assess their current safeguarding arrangements, and identify standards that have been met, as well as areas for development.

    Publisher: NSPCC
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Child Online Protection
    ITU (International Telecommunication Union), the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs), has established the Child Online Protection initiative to create an international ...

    Publisher: ITU (International Telecommunication Union), United Nations
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Female genital mutilation (FGM) suppport materials
    Resources including awareness-raising materials, lesson plans, assessments and guidelines for professionals working in the police, health, education and training sectors.

    Publisher: Home Office
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Early Intervention Foundation guidebook
    An interactive tool for those who wish to find out more about how to commission and deliver effective Early Intervention. The guidebook helps you find evidence and guidance on ‘what works’ for children and commissioning ...

    Publisher: Early Intervention Foundation
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Prevention platform
    This prevention platform provides information, tools and resources to support education practitioners across the UK to develop and deliver a comprehensive programme to stop violence against women and girls (VAWG).

    Publisher: Against Violence and Abuse (AVA)
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Keeping myself safe: practitioner’s toolkit for developing effective relationships with vulnerable young people
    Action for Children has developed a toolkit which explores the skills and qualities which practitioners should have if they are to build effective professional relationships with vulnerable young people.

    Publisher: Action for Children
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Tailored resource for corporate parents and providers on health and wellbeing of looked-after children and young people
    This resource is targeted at practitioners who have responsibility across services and local authorities to safeguard and promote the life chances of looked-after children and young people. It draws together key messages ...

    Publisher: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Magda and Mo
    Magda and Mo have been created by AVG with the help of the international Internet safety charity, Childnet, to help parents and children learn together about how to safely enjoy life online.

    Publisher: Childnet
    Published Date: 2014

  • Website Child Protection in Sport Unit: self-assessment tool
    This online self-assessment tool helps you find out if your organisation is doing everything it could be to keep children and young people safe in sport. The tool takes you through the Standards for safeguarding children ...

    Publisher: Child Protection in Sport Unit
    Published Date: 2014

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