School Health: Our tools and services

We have developed a range of resources to support school health service improvement.

Follow the links below to use the various tools or services. These links will take you to different sections of our website.

Preparing a needs assessment: guidance for school nursing students gives guidance and links to relevant data sources, tools and documents to help school nursing students when undertaking a local needs assessment as part of their university course. Related guidance to using data and evidence is available on our Using this site pages.

School-Age Children Profiles include key current local data about children and young people’s health and wellbeing. This data can be used in conjunction with the Healthy Schools toolkit, by schools working within the healthy schools planning phase.

School-Age Children Topical Report compliments the Healthy Schools Profiles.

Workforce Knowledge Hub provides access to key information resources on policy and practice to support the children's and maternity workforce, including school nurses.

Children's Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing Knowledge Hub supports the effective commissioning and delivery of children's psychological health, emotional wellbeing and mental health services. It signposts information resources, initiatives and organisations to keep you up to date with current policy and good practice.

Data Atlas brings together a range of data and statistics on child and maternal health into one easily accessible hub. It includes data on educational achievement, school absences, free school meals and PE and sports, and other relevant indicators.

Support and training. If you need any help or advice in using the tools or interpreting the information they provide, contact the local specialist working in your area.

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