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  • Website Speaking up: when children and young people want to complain about school

    This report from the Children's Commissioner for England reveals how too many children and parents are being left voiceless because schools are not giving them a platform to make a formal complaint when this is required.

    Publisher: Office of the Children's Commissioner
    Published Date: 21/12/2015

  • Website International evidence on impact of funding linked to additional needs on participation and attainment by 16-19 year olds

    This literature review aimed to identify the key international literature regarding the impact of funding on participation and attainment for 16-19 year olds, with a specific focus on students with ‘additional needs’. Additional needs pupils are defined as being economically disadvantaged and in need of financial support to attend education, having low prior attainment and being in need of extra support to succeed in education or having low-level special educational needs and disability.

    Publisher: Department for Education (DfE)
    Published Date: 17/12/2015

  • Website The PE and sport premium: an investigation in primary schools

    This is the final report of a two year study, commissioned by the Department for Education (DfE) and carried out by NatCen Social Research, to investigate the use and the perceived impacts of the PE and sport premium in primary schools across England. It presents the main findings from two surveys of primary schools drawing on qualitative findings from tracker school interviews and case studies.

    Publisher: Department for Education (DfE)
    Published Date: 17/12/2015

  • Website Immigrant students at school: easing the journey towards integration

    How school systems respond to immigration has an enormous impact on the economic and social well-being of all members of the communities they serve, whether they have an immigrant background or not. This OECD report reveals some of the difficulties immigrant students encounter – and some of the contributions they offer – as they settle into their new communities and new schools.

    Publisher: OECD
    Published Date: 17/12/2015

  • Website Research to understand spend by 16-19 institutions on additional needs

    This report looks at how 16 to 19 institutions plan, spend and evaluate their funding to support students with additional needs/ Spending on students with additional needs applies to those requiring extra support, but whose needs don’t meet the threshold for high-needs funding.

    Publisher: Department for Education (DfE)
    Published Date: 17/12/2015

  • Website NFER teacher voice omnibus: questions for the Department for Education – June 2015

    This research brief provides an overview of the responses to a set of questions in the summer Teacher Voice Omnibus Survey in June 2015. Among other topics, both teachers and senior leaders in primary and secondary schools were asked a series of questions about the provision of mental health services and support for their pupils.

    Publisher: Department for Education (DfE)
    Published Date: 17/12/2015

  • Website The impacts of the ‘bedroom tax’ on children and their education: a study in the city of Manchester

    This small-scale exploratory study was carried out in Manchester to explore how lower family incomes and resulting pressures to move house affected children and their education.

    Publisher: University of Manchester
    Published Date: 08/12/2015

  • Website School journeys

    This is a report from the Children’s Commissioner for Wales on the findings of a survey of children in Wales about their views about travelling to and from school. The survey was undertaken with almost 1,000 children, mostly aged 5 to 11 years old, in almost all local authority areas in Wales.

    Publisher: Children´s Commissioner for Wales
    Published Date: 08/12/2015

  • Website Pre-school and early home learning effects on A-level outcomes

    This report studies the AS and A-level examination outcomes of a large sample of young people in England. It investigates the impact of pre-school and early home learning on entry patterns and overall attainment at ages 17 and 18 plus. The research is based on a follow-up of the longitudinal Effective Provision of Pre-school Primary and Secondary Education (EPPSE) study.

    Publisher: Department for Education (DfE)
    Published Date: 07/12/2015

  • Website Moving the goal posts: poverty and access to sport for young people

    StreetGames asked LSE Housing and Communities to undertake qualitative research to help them gain a deeper understanding of the financial context of poverty among young people living in deprived areas, and the impact and implications this has for their participation in sport.

    Publisher: StreetGames
    Published Date: 07/12/2015

  • Website The educational progress of looked after children in England: linking care and educational data

    This research project focused on the reasons for the low educational outcomes of young people in care (looked after) in secondary schools in England.

    Publisher: Rees Centre for Research in Fostering and Education
    Published Date: 30/11/2015

  • Website Up in the air: how to solve London’s air quality crisis: part one

    This report analyses data from over 100 air quality monitoring sites across London. It highlights that 328,000 school children in London are exposed to unhealthy levels of Nitrogen Dioxide which is linked to asthma and respiratory infections.

    Publisher: Policy Exchange
    Published Date: 30/11/2015

  • Website Focus on: bullying and mental health

    This briefing paper pulls together the latest findings, both in the UK and internationally, which show how involvement in school bullying, whether as a victim, bully, or bully-victim, is linked to poorer mental health outcomes throughout adolescence and into adulthood.

    Publisher: Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA)
    Published Date: 26/11/2015

  • Website The role of health visitors and school nurses: supporting the health and wellbeing of military families

    This document supports health visitors and school nurses to deliver improved outcomes, and outlines aspirations for service delivery.

    Publisher: Public Health England (PHE)
    Published Date: 19/11/2015

  • Website Preventing gang and youth violence: spotting signals of risk and supporting children and young people

    The Early Intervention Foundation has been working with the Home Office to produce these reports which aim to help Ending Gang and Youth Violence areas make more informed decisions about (i) how best to identify those children and young people who may be at risk of involvement in gangs or youth violence, and (ii) what types of programmes or interventions appear to work or not to work in preventing involvement in gangs and youth violence.

    Publisher: Early Intervention Foundation (EIF)
    Published Date: 17/11/2015

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