Evaluation of the Tackling Stigma Framework

Two evaluations of the Tackling Stigma Framework have been carried out.

The latest evaluation was carried out in January and February 2011 and aimed to establish what has happened around tackling stigma work since pilot funding ended in August 2010.

The evaluation report provides an overview of tackling stigma work which has been carried out in the pilot areas since summer 2010. It highlights some of the emerging impacts and outcomes of tackling stigma activity and sets out ways in which tackling stigma work is being embedded and sustained within the organisations involved in the pilot. The report also looks at the impact that involvement with the Tackling Stigma Framework has had on a sample of young people involved, as well as the key challenges to delivering tackling stigma work in the current spending climate.

You can download a pdf of the 2011 evaluation.

The first evaluation took place between January and August 2010 and aimed to evaluate the process of implementing the Tackling Stigma Pilots in terms of their inception, management and delivery. It assessed how effectively pilot areas were delivering activity around the eight Tackling Stigma Framework domains. It adopted a case study approach which identified the key learning points from discussions and visits to the pilots considering each case study intervention. It highlights the perceptions and experiences of these interventions from the point of view of children and young people, professionals and partner organisations.

You can download a pdf of the 2010 evaluation.

Key learning from the Pilot Sites is available in the Lessons from the Pilot Sites section of this toolkit.

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