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The Liverpool CAMHS partnership has fully embraced the project aims and each CAMHS project has played a significant part in delivering tangible action which makes a difference in combating stigma. The action plan has been owned by both the parents and CAMHS young person’s board, known as FYI (Fun Youth Involvement). This has been built into the Liverpool CAMHS multi-agency strategy and each service will be asked to continue to play their part in tackling stigma.

Young people and parents/carers are designing age appropriate and accessible information on mental health and services through leaflets, radio jingles and a website. This is designed to make CAMHS visible and non-stigmatising.

A training programme, Mad, Bad or Misunderstood is delivered to frontline professionals across the city to increase their awareness of child and adolescent mental health, mental ill-health and the associated stigma. Additionally children, young people and their parents are trained in delivering this course to other young people to raise their awareness of the issues and support available.

Fun Youth Involvement (FYI) is reviewing referral pathways so that the new, easily understood pathways are accessible to all.

Targeted groups such as looked after children, LGBT and Questioning, young carers and asylum seekers are involved in cutting edge work designing literature and training resources for children, families and the workforce. They work with the media to disseminate their message and to showcase materials developed including for example films produced by GYRO (Gay Youth ‘R’ Out) projected onto city centre screens. Programmes include: awareness raising with interpreters who are then better able to support the therapeutic process for young asylum seekers, and young people with ADHD developing a peer education program.

This work was embedded into policy developments such as Think Family and CAMHS public mental health strategies and service specifications, contracts and service level agreements with relevant providers.

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Intervention example: Liverpool – NOISE/Music 2 Inclusion project

This intervention is in the planning stages and involves members of the children and young people’s Board in the production of radio jingles capturing the appropriate language of mental health.

Pre-existing music projects will be adapted using an in-house recording studio. The intervention, in the planning stages during the summer, will be rolled out during the Autumn/Winter. The jingles will involve children and young people’s Board members developing quotes that reduce stigma around mental health, such as ‘mental health is not mental illness’, based on their own personal experiences. They are considering partnering with BBC Merseyside to get the jingles aired later in 2010.

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