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In preparation for the 2008-2011 Plymouth Children and Young People’s Plan, consultation events were held to find out what children and young people, parents and professionals believed was needed in order to improve children and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing

A number of themes arose including a clear and strong message from young people in particular that Plymouth had to tackle the stigma associated with mental health. As a result, in July 2008 a number of senior strategic and operational leads from across the city came together to hear about the project. There is now sign-up to the project from those leads, committing to resource implications and the collaboration of staff within agencies across Plymouth.

Top tips from Plymouth

A key element of Plymouth’s tackling stigma project is the collaboration between Plymouth CAMHS and Equal Voices to develop a board of children and young people who have used CAMHS and who represent the full spectrum of service users. Key tasks that this board are now involved in include:

Case study example: Plymouth's plans for the Communication domain in late 2010/11

Plymouth plans to provide evidence of children and young people’s involvement in care planning and evaluation as part of their care record. This would be established through a PCT health record audit by 2011. Success under this intervention would be to achieve 95% of records in CAMHS to show a care plan developed and evaluated with children and young people aged 7-18.

The pilot also plans to provide evidence of parent and carers in care planning and evaluation as part of the care record. Again this would be established through a PCT health record audit by 2011. A successful outcome would be to achieve 100% of records in CAMHS showing a care plan developed with parents of children aged 0-6.

Learn more about the Communication domain.

For more information please contact:
Clinical Head of Service, Primary Mental Health Work and Partnerships, currently Cindy Willcocks e:

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