Steps for successfully tackling stigma

This diagram provides a road map to guide partnerships along their tackling stigma journey. The suggested tools will help you in completing the key steps in a logical order - engaging with strategic partners, working with key stakeholders to understand the extent of ‘stigmatisation’ in the area, and then constructing plans building on strengths to drive the tackling stigma agenda forward. This roadmap helps you to get started in implementing the Tackling Stigma Framework.

Make CAMHS partnership aware of stigma and its effects

It is important that stakeholders understand stigma and the profound impact it can have on children and their families Online toolkit: Presentation 1. Tackling stigma: partnerships for change

Investigate levels of stigma and its impact at local level

Work with stakeholders, children, young people and families to find out how stigma affects them Online toolkit: presentation 2 (coming soon)

Gain support at a strategic level

Present findings to strategic groups to embed action to tackle stigma within strategic infrastructure Online toolkit: Presentation 3. Tackling the cost of stigma: how can your organisation contribute to change?

Construct an action plan

Assess where the partnership is and where it wants to be Tackling stigma checklist and self-assessment.

Enhance areas of strength first

Enhance areas of strength Develop action plan from checklist

Incrementally implement the remaining elements of the framework

Incrementally implement the remaining elements Use Anytown action plan

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