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As another pilot embedded into the local TaMHS programme, the Walsall tackling stigma project is also being delivered within the school environment. Young people have been recruited to participate as part of this project and to actively and meaningfully participate in service and policy development locally. They will also be involved in developing a common agreed language around the mental health agenda along with other key stakeholders.

The key products to be delivered from this pilot include the piloting, roll-out and evaluation of a DVD called Notes to Self which was written and developed in partnership with Walsall school students, and young people with lived experience of mental health problems. The DVD is a school-based drama which includes lesson plans and activities which aim to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health problems as well as encouraging self/peer support and help seeking behaviour. Children and young people in years 6 and 7 will be working with a local arts group to develop a sustainable resource focusing on mental wellbeing and transition from primary to secondary schools. Books and resources on mental wellbeing have been purchased for school and local libraries to complement a similar service for adults. The theme of tacking stigma and mental health has been incorporated into local workforce development and training on mental health and stigma will be available to all staff working with children across Walsall using Everybody’s Business and Youth Mental Health First Aid. Furthermore the Walsall pilot is committed to engage with partners in the media utilising their strengths to market and advertise the various anti-stigma projects and communicate a shared definition of mental health and wellbeing across the borough.

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Case study example: Participation with vulnerable groups in Walsall

Instead of creating their own group within the tight timeframe of the pilot, Walsall worked with an already established anti-bullying group, recruiting a small working group to initiate and set up an anti-stigma sub group. The anti-bullying group consisted of children and young people from across Walsall that may have experienced bullying, or who act as peer mentors within schools with a role in preventing bullying. The group were formed through Walsall Children’s Service (Serco) and come from different schools across Walsall to meet at Serco’s Education and Development Centre.

The Tackling Stigma project in Walsall will work with wider children’s and education services across the borough to develop participation utilising existing groups, but will also explore new ways of working with children and young people such as social networking.

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