Transitions: Young people friendly health services

  • Website Making health services adolescent friendly: developing national quality standards for adolescent friendly health services
    This guidebook sets out the public health rationale for making it easier for adolescents to obtain the health services that they need to protect and improve their health and well-being, including sexual and reproductive health services.

    Publisher: World Health Organization (WHO)
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Walk the Talk
    The main aim of Walk The Talk is to support the development of youth-friendly health services to improve health and reduce health inequalities among young people in Scotland.

    Publisher: Youth Health
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Youth Health
    Find out more about the purpose, vision, aims, objectives and overall approach of NHS Health Scotland's Youth Health Programme.

    Publisher: Health Scotland
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website You’re Welcome: quality criteria for young people friendly health services
    Sets out principles to help commissioners and service providers to improve the suitability of NHS and non-NHS health services for young people. The guidelines can reinforce young people’s social responsibility as life-long users of the NHS and encourage them to share in the decisions made about their health.

    Publisher: Department of Health (DH)
    Published Date: 2011


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