Transitions: Clinic posters

  • Website We keep it zipped
    Walk the Talk have created resources that you can download and print off to reassure young people that the health service you provide is confidential.

    Publisher: Walk the Talk
    Published Date: 2011

  • Website British Heart Foundation
    Exercise, Anti-smoking, diet etc

    Publisher: British Heart Foundation (BHF)
    Published Date: 2011

  • External Source Brook
    Brook Advisory Centres provide free and confidential sexual health advice and services specifically for young people under 25.

    Publisher: Public Health Intelligence Team, South West Public Health Observatory,, Tel: 0117 970 6474
    Published Date: 2009

  • Website Know UR Rights at the Doctors
    A poster informing young people of their rights when visiting a doctor was launched on 12 January 2009

    Publisher: General Medical Council (GMC)
    Published Date: 2009

  • Website Incentiveplus
    Incentive Plus offers an inspiring range of practical and professional educational resources encouraging all to learn.

    Publisher: Incentive Plus Ltd
    Published Date: 2007

  • Website UK Youth
    UK Youth has a long standing history of publishing essential resources that have been developed and trialed by those that work with young people. UK Youth publications offer practical, thoughtful support for a variety of settings.

    Publisher: UK Youth
    Published Date: 2007


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