Transitions: Training

The following provide access to resources which may be downloaded, developed or adapted for local use:

Generic adolescent health training resources

  • Website Adolescent health: e-learning to help improve the health outcomes and experiences of all young people receiving healthcare
    This e-learning project aims to ensure that all health professionals have essential youth communication skills and understand young people's rights to consent and confidentiality. The project is delivered by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) and is committed to improving the health outcomes and experiences of all young people who come into the care of healthcare professionals. The e-learning sessions vary in length, with many around 20 minutes, to fit in with busy work-study lives. Free to NHS staff.

    Publisher: E-Learning for Healthcare (eLfH) & RCPCH
    Published Date: 2011

  • Website A framework of competencies for the Level 3 training special study module in adolescent health
    This report is for doctors at Level 3 in their general paediatric or community child health training who wish to work towards an expertise in adolescent health during Level 3 training. It is also there to guide tutors and educational supervisors.

    Publisher: Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH)
    Published Date: 2010

  • Website Adolescent Health GP Resource Kit, 2nd Edition
    This Resource Kit is a General Practitioner's practical guide to providing health care to adolescents from culturally diverse backgrounds. This user-friendly Kit is an essential resource for promoting and providing better health care to our young people.

    Publisher: New South Wales Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health
    Published Date: 2008

  • Website Routine Adolescent Psychosocial Health Assessment – position statement
    This policy statement is aimed at all primary, secondary and tertiary care physicians and paediatricians who consult with adolescent patients, in particular those who take on the primary responsibility for the health and wellbeing of the young person.

    Publisher: Royal Australasian College of Physicians
    Published Date: 2008

  • Website EuTEACH - European training in effective adolescent care and health
    EuTEACH was developed by a multidisciplinary network of health professionals from Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe. The goal was to design and implement a training package for professionals interested in improving adolescent health care in their countries.

    Publisher: UMSA-CHUV
    Published Date: 2007

  • Website Adolescent Health Curriculum - USA
    This site was developed for use by health care professionals involved in either the teaching of adolescent health or clinical care of adolescents and young adults. The material was developed to either stand alone or to be supplemental material to the EUTEACH curriculum of adolescent health

    Publisher: University of Southern California
    Published Date: 2007

  • Website Youthhealthtalk
    This is a website about young people’s real life experiences of health and lifestyle. This is not just a website about the medical facts, this is about real people and real lives. Watch, listen and read young people talking about their experiences, and feel free to join in the forums.

    Publisher: DIPEx
    Published Date: 2007


Transition specific training resources


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