Contact the team

Contact the team for queries about Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion by emailing Debbie Goulding. This includes if you have any questions around registering or logging in to submit your pathfinder data returns. Debbie will direct your query to the relevant person.

Debbie Goulding
Health and Criminal Justice Liaison & Diversion (HCJ L&D) Development Network Communications Contact
Department of Health – Offender Health

Telephone: 0113 25 46453

Pathfinder sites can also contact the team via the online Health and Criminal Justice Programme Liaison and Diversion Development Network on NHS Networks. If you have not already done so please feel free to join this network. This is the main site for the HCJ Liaison and Diversion Programme for all policy and business case developments. You can also take part in discussion threads with the Liaison and Diversion Development Network and leave blogs about your service.

Contact your ChiMat local specialist for support with the range of ChiMat tools and data that you can use to influence your commissioners and strategic partners.

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