About health and well-being needs assessment

This section provides background information about health and well-being needs assessment (HWBNA) in the youth justice system (YJS). It is designed to help with your discussions about how to get going on a HWBNA, as well as offering more detail about some of the issues touched on in the community and secure setting HWBNA templates.

Whichever part of the YJS your HWBNA relates to – the community or a secure setting – it is important to bring a whole-system approach to the work. Good community services are needed to support young people before and after their time in a secure setting, and strong links between professionals will ease the transitions that have to be made. See the diagram of the Youth Justice Continuum below (you can also download a pdf of this diagram.)

This section covers:

the pathway

CJS: Criminal Justice System
CPS: Crown Prosecution Service
YJS: Youth Justice System
YJLD: Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion
YOT: Youth Offending Team
YPSE: Young People's Secure Estate

This diagram was produced by the Department of Health for the HWBNA toolkit, April 2012.

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