The youth justice system

Establishments in the secure estate, and some key statistics

The establishments – by region and type

The table below shows the number of young offender institutions (YOIs), secure training centres (STCs) and secure children's homes (SCHs) within each strategic health authority (SHA) cluster (Ministry of Justice, February 2012).

The latest list and contact details of SCHs, SCTs and YOIs is available on the Ministry of Justice website.

Note about SCHs: There are another 8 secure children’s homes which provide placements only for those children and young people who need to be in a secure setting because of concern about their welfare. The Youth Justice Board (YJB) can, if necessary, spot purchase beds in these homes. If they do so, they prefer to use those homes with arrangements in place for the management of youth justice places (these include the Atkinson Unit in the South of England and Kyloe House in the North).

SHA cluster YOIs STCs SCHs Total

Feltham   1
Midlands and East Warren Hill

Rainsbrook Clayfields House

North of England Hindley

New Hall

Hassockfield Aldine House


Barton Moss

East Moor

Red Bank
South of England Ashfield

Cookham Wood


Eastwood Park

Swanwick Lodge

Vinney Green
Total (England) 10 4 9 23
(+Wales) Parc   Hillside 2

The establishments vary in the number of children they can hold. They can all receive children from any part of England and Wales, with the result that many children are in a secure setting in an SHA cluster region which is different from their home SHA cluster region. YJB data is not organised by local authority area or SHA cluster area but by youth offending team (YOT) region. The data on placements in custody suggests that children and young people in the North of England are overall the most likely to be placed within their own region, while children and young people from London or the South East and South West are the least likely.

Beds commissioned by the Youth Justice Board (February 2012)

Note: The figures presented below show the latest available data in April 2012. For the most up-to-date data, check the Youth custody data published regularly on the Ministry of Justice website.

  Number of beds commissioned Number of establishments % of commissioned beds
YOIs (boys)

1,983 8 79.2
YOIs (girls) 41 3 1.6
STCs 301 4 11.9
SCHs 166 10 7.3
Total 2,491 25 100%

The regional demand for custodial places (2010/11)

(these are YJB regions)
% of young people under supervision by the YOT placed in custody
East Midlands

Eastern 5.98
London 22.39
North East 3.99
North West 16.93
South East 9.13
South West 4.77
Wales 5.61
West Midlands 10.68
Yorkshire 12.48
Total 100%

Note: The higher numbers in custody in some areas may reflect higher levels of serious offending.

You can also view a map of the secure estate in England and Wales.


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