Tools for consulting children, parents and professionals

A variety of tools have been developed for use in community and secure settings, and that you might wish to use or adapt for your health and well-being needs assessment (HWBNA) consultation work.

They are broad ranging, including staff surveys, exit questionnaires for young people leaving a secure setting, and follow-up questionnaires for parents after their child has been discharged or has completed a community sentence.

The tools can be completed by phone, email, online or in person. The format is best kept simple and quick. For instance, people can be invited to use a scale (from excellent to poor) to score the quality, appropriateness and effectiveness of different services or aspects of a service. Or they can be offered space for also making suggestions for service change or improvement.

Some examples are listed below, with links to the tools themselves or further information.

For children and young people

  • An interview schedule – used in a community (youth offending team) health needs assessment. For questionnaires developed for children under 14 and young people over 14, see Appendix 3, p156-170, of the Norfolk youth offending team (NYOT): health needs assessment (NYOT and NHS Norfolk, 2009).

  • A SurveyMonkey online feedback questionnaire – completed by young people before leaving a secure children's home (SCH). For a list of questions used in the survey, see the Reflections from practice section.

  • - an online participation tool for young people (and commissioners) that can be used to create online surveys in order to collect views from past, present and possible future service users. This tool was developed to help young people influence how child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) are commissioned and provided, but could also be used for other services.

For parents, relatives and other adults close to the child

For professionals

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