The National Liaison and Diversion Programme

The Government is committed to having diversion services in place (for children and for adults) in all local areas by 2014, subject to business case approval. This section summarises the work of the The National Liaison and Diversion Programme.

Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion Pathfinders

In 2011/12 The Department of Health (DH) selected 31 local agencies to act as pathfinders for diversion of children and young people, and they received funding as Wave 1 of the implementation. These were in addition to the six pilot sites that have been running since 2008 forming a total of 37 Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion pathfinders.

Pathfinders were selected on the basis that they already had existing diversion schemes, so the foundations were already in place for them to contribute towards a robust business case for national roll-out.

Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion Pathfinders have been clustered into sectors which meet bi-monthly, and they have been reporting on diversion activity taking place since August 2011.

There are plans to further expand liaison and diversion services across the country in 2012/13, and one of the priority areas for new youth sites will be to target areas with high levels of gang activity. The vision is to align children and adult liaison and diversion services to enable one systematic and integrated process to cover all ages.

Liaison and Diversion Development Network

A Liaison and Diversion Development Network has been set up to bring together the elements of the liaison and diversion programme of work, with the overall objective of informing full implementation of diversion services across the country, pending ministerial approval.

The membership of the network has been drawn from the most advanced 54 adult diversion schemes in the country, alongside the first tranche of Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion sites and police transfer early adopter sites.

Membership of the network includes six youth pathfinder development sites and 33 adult pathfinder sites that have been awarded additional funds, in order to test particular components of liaison and diversion. Learning obtained from these development sites will further refine the standardised national model of liaison and diversion to cover all ages.

From April 2012 the management of the Development Network will be contracted, and will no longer be directly managed by the central team at the DH.

To find out more about the National Liaison and Diversion Programme, including all policy and business case developments, pathfinders are encouraged to join the online Health and Criminal Justice Programme Liaison and Diversion Development Network on NHS Networks. Using the online network, pathfinders can also contact the team, ask questions, take part in discussions with other members of the Development Network, and share experiences of their own service.

Join the Health and Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Development Network.

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