Programme documents

This page contains documentation and material relevant to the work of the YJLD Pathfinder sites.

  • Cluster group meeting schedule for 2012

  • The YJLD monthly update checklist is a simple tick box exercise that needs to be updated by YJLD pathfinder sites and returned to the DH by 1st of each month. This checklist allows the implementation team to understand how each different model works, and how they are developing over time.

  • The flowchart for inputting data enables sites to decide whether young people referred are in scope of the project. Data returns should be submitted for all young people in scope.

  • The guidance notes for the YJLD minimum dataset explains how the data will be used and how each question should be answered.

  • The escalation plan sets out the steps that will be taken to support pathfinder sites that are not satisfying the requirements of the YJLD programme, and the procedure for deciding on whether pathfinder sites qualify for further funding.

  • The YJLD contact list contains contact details for all YJLD pathfinder sites, and shows which sector, and which police force area pathfinders are part of.

If you have any questions or comments on any of the material contained here, or to submit YJLD checklists please contact the team.

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