Other government diversion pilots

There has been growing cross-departmental concern that opportunities for early, proactive and systematic identification in the youth justice system are currently not being exploited, that timely access to holistic packages of coordinated assistance remains problematic and that too many vulnerable young children and young people are ending up in custody.

Youth Crime Action Plan (YCAP) Triage schemes

In 2008, the previous Government launched its Youth Crime Action Plan (YCAP). Triage workers in 69 localities were introduced to screen young people at the point of arrest and often in police custody. The aim of the Triage schemes was to avoid inappropriate and counterproductive criminalisation of young people with low level offences, to deliver restorative interventions instead and to filter for those who had problems that might require early intervention.

In many areas, the police would systematically bail young people with low level offences to attend screening interviews with Youth Offender Team (YOT) Triage workers. As long as they cooperated with these interviews and restorative or support packages, no further police action was taken and they were effectively diverted out of the system.

In Lewisham the Triage scheme dovetailed with the Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion scheme.

You can find out more about Triage on the Youth Justice Board website


Home Office Alcohol Arrest Referral pilots

As part of National Alcohol Strategy, the Government set out its intention to evaluate the impact that brief interventions for alcohol related crime and disorder could have in the criminal justice area.

Four pilot sites were established in October 2007 in Cheshire, Ealing, Liverpool and Manchester. This was followed by a second phase that began in November 2008 and included nine further pilot sites in Bristol, Cleveland, Cumbria, NE Lincolnshire, Islington, Leicester, Northampton, Stoke and Swindon.

Following a commitment made in the Government’s Youth Alcohol Action Plan, a further six young people’s Alcohol Arrest Referral Schemes in Liverpool, Newcastle, East Sussex, Blackpool, Stoke-on-Trent/Staffordshire and Lincolnshire were launched in April 2009.

These Home Office pilots were set up to determine the benefits of referring individuals, who have been arrested for committing alcohol-related offences, to brief advice sessions.

You can read the evaluation of the Staffordshire Young People’s Alcohol Arrest Referral project.


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