Using data to make the case

Submitting data and generating reports

In this section pathfinders can submit their data returns and generate local and national reports relating to youth justice liaison and diversion activity.

Pathfinders are required to collect data on all young people referred to their Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion schemes, and submit this every month. This data includes information about the profile of young people referred, the needs which are identified through screening, and the outcomes achieved. This data will be used to inform the business case for future investment of diversion services across England. Pathfinders should use the flowchart for inputting data to decide on whether referrals made to YJLD workers are within scope for data submissions to the DH.

Read the guidance on collecting and submitting youth justice liaison and diversion data.

Pathfinders are also required to update a YJLD monthly update checklist, and return this by the first day of each month. Note: ChiMat does not collect or manage the data submitted by the YJLD pathfinders. All data is submitted using the Youth Diversion Data Site set up and managed by the Centre for Mental Health.

If you are a pathfinder and have any questions about collecting and submitting your data, please contact the team.

Programme funding for pathfinders is dependent on satisfactory completion of data. Pathfinders that are not completing accurate or complete data will be placed on the escalation plan, triggering additional support by the liaison and diversion implementation team. Find out more about the the role and work of diversion pathfinders.

The local and national data reports provide valuable information to measure the effectiveness of the schemes, demonstrate themes, and identify gaps for further development. Pathfinders are encouraged to share these reports with relevant strategic boards and commissioners, to help inform and influence decision making on local provision. It is crucial to obtain support for Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion locally, to protect its future sustainability.


Data and statistics about young people

There are a range of data and statistics about health and well-being outcomes for children and young people available here on the ChiMat website.

The youth justice topical report contains nationally available data about issues relating to youth justice for the local authority areas where the young people normally reside. The report includes prevalence rates for some needs experienced by young people, for England as a whole and for each local authority.

Child Health Profiles show local authority performance against a range of indicators such as first time entrants into the youth justice system, reoffending rates, alcohol use, drug use and smoking. At a glance you can compare performance locally and nationally.

Data Atlas brings together a range of data and statistics on children, young people and maternity into one accessible place.

JSNA Navigator - Children and Young People aims to take you directly to the data which you need when conducting a joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) locally for children and young people.

Adolescent health in the UK today: Update 2012 highlights priority issues facing young people and links to key policy and evidence as well as quick links to key statistics.

Key data on adolescence 2011 produced by the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH) with support from ChiMat.

If you would like help finding the relevant data and using it to make your case to commissioners, strategic partners and others, contact your ChiMat local specialist.


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