Governance and sustainability

Key strategic boards and forums

During the current transition period of the NHS, local and national governance structures will continue to evolve. All this will be happening at the same time as the national diversion programme expands. This will be a complex time, because the emerging structures for diversion schemes will need to reflect new structures and thinking about local commissioning arrangements.

In addition, the key strategic forums in each area will need to be mapped, because each locality will be developing their own structure. However, all the following forums, or their equivalent, will have an essential contribution to make to the successful commissioning and evaluation of liaison and diversion programmes:

Having a clear communication strategy in place will help keep relevant boards and forums up to date on the progress of the scheme and the views of young people and families, as well as team members. It should also provide for regular contact with the agencies that are referral sources to the YJLD scheme.

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