Identification, screening and assessment

Identification, screening and assessment

This section is about getting the right children and young people into contact with Youth Justice and Liaison projects and about the early action that is then needed.

The section follows the 5-stage process of the Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion (YJLD) model:

Stage 1
Filter referral
First filter: police and other frontline professionals use the checklist of risk factors to decide whether a referral should be made to Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion (YJLD)
Stage 2
Check service information
Second filter: YJLD workers check what is already known and in place for the young people referred to them

Stage 3
Identify potential areas of concern
Includes list of screening tools
Stage 4
Confirm any concerns identified by arranging for more detailed assessment

Stage 5
Provide support to address concerns identified

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