Influencing youth justice decisions

The Youth Justice System pathway

The youth justice system (YJS) pathway can be complicated and is more complex than the adult system.  In Youth Justice, when children first offend, they do not usually appear in court; instead during the early years of their contact with the police they are likely to receive a range of ‘pre court’ disposals. These pre court options (eg Community Resolution, Restorative Justice, reprimands and final warnings) provide practitioners with a greater number of opportunities to intervene at the earliest stage and influence the final youth justice decision.

Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion (YJLD) information can be used at any transition point to influence decision making along the youth justice pathway, to ensure that decisions take health and welfare information into account and that sentences are tailored to the needs of children and young people. This ensures the best possible chance of tackling the root cause of the problem and therefore helping to reduce the risk of reoffending.

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