Young People: Key topics

Find key resources and information on a range of topics relating to young people.

  • Young people's health: Update 2014
    This paper examines the key trends in young people's health, the main policy themes of the last decade, and issues for service delivery.

  • Research Summaries
    Highlighting the key issues and statistical trends in research and policy relating to young people’s health and well-being.

  • School Health
    The school health hub provides access to resources relating to the commissioning and delivery of health services for school children and young people and its associated good practice, including the new service offer for school nursing.

  • Substance Use
    The substance use hub new brings together a variety of resources relating to young people's substance use, including those related to trends in adolescent substance use, risk factors, prevention and intervention and long-term outcomes.

  • Teenage Conceptions
    The teenage conceptions hub aims to bring together a range of resources relating to teenage conceptions, pregnancy and births.

  • Transitions to Adulthood
    Brings together a range of resources and evidence relating to young people's transition process into the adult world. It is constantly updated with new resources.

  • Youth Justice
    For those interested in the commissioning and delivery of services for children and young people (and their families) whose behaviour puts them in contact or at risk of contact with the youth justice system.

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