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  • Website Report of the Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum
    This report sets out the Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum's proposals on how health-related care for children and young people can be improved.

    Publisher: Department of Health (DH)
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Young babysitters in Britain
    This report examines the use and profile of babysitters. It looks at the experiences of young babysitters, parents' satisfaction, and child safety and welfare issues.

    Publisher: Daycare Trust
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website The assistant practitioner role in children and young people's services
    This publication examines the background and development of the assistant practitioner role in children and young people’s services and looks at key policy issues as well as detailing recommendations for future developme ...

    Publisher: Royal College of Nursing (RCN)
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Adolescent contraception: review and guidance for pediatric clinicians
    The objectives of this article are to review current contraceptive methods available to adolescents and to provide information, guidance, and encouragement to pediatric clinicians to enable them to engage in informed up- ...

    Publisher: Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Clinical ethical considerations in contraceptive care for teens
    The comprehensive review by Hartman, Monasterio, and Hwang provides current medical and scientific information about contraception for adolescents. This information should help any clinician feel competent to counsel and ...

    Publisher: Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Teenage pregnancy: an overview of the research evidence
    Written in 2004, this briefing presents findings from key research on teenage pregnancy and parenthood which emerged (mainly) since the launch of the strategy in 1999. The topics covered include research on young people' ...

    Publisher: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
    Published Date: 2004

  • Website Lead Members for Children's Services briefing on teenage pregnancy
    Summary of key points in relation to: progress in reducing teenage pregnancy rates; what works; and what action lead members can take to challenge and support local teenage pregnancy strategies.

    Publisher: DH, DCSF and LGA
    Published Date: 2008

  • Website Teenage pregnancy and parenthood: a review of reviews
    This briefing presents evidence from selected systematic and other reviews and meta-analyses published from 1996 to 2003. It seeks to pull together learning from review-level data about effective interventions to reduce ...

    Publisher: Health Development Agency
    Published Date: 2003

  • Website Move It: increasing young people's participation in sport
    This report looks at participation in sport and physical activity among young people in England. It sets out the reasons why participation rates are low and provides a four-point plan to get more people active.

    Publisher: The Young Foundation
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Preventing depression in adolescents
    The individual and societal costs of depressive disorder have been well documented, and the arguments for depression prevention programmes are compelling. The prevalence of depression rises steeply in mid-adolescence, so ...

    Publisher: British Medical Journal (BMJ)
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Keeping girls out of the penal system
    The All-Party Parliamentary Group on women in the penal system conducted an independent inquiry on girls and the penal system, with the aim of reducing the number of girls who entered the criminal justice system. The inq ...

    Publisher: All Party Parliamentary Group on Women in the Penal System
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Screening, identification, and support of gender non-conforming children and families
    Gender at birth, natal gender, is assigned based on chromosomes, sex organs, sex hormones, and external genital anatomy. Persons with a long-standing in-congruency between natal gender and the identified gender are often ...

    Publisher: Journal of Pediatric Nursing
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Still vulnerable: the impact of early childhood experiences on adolescent suicide and accidental death
    This report outlines how exposure to problems in early childhood is linked to poor outcomes in later years, including suicide in adolescence. Recommendations have been set out in the report and detail how services can be ...

    Publisher: Northern Irelend Commissioner for Children and Young People
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website 'Think pharmacy': encouraging young people to use community pharmacies
    The author of this article takes a look at a campaign in Dudley that aims to encourage young people to visit their local community pharmacy.

    Publisher: The Pharmaceutical Journal
    Published Date: 2012

  • Website Binge! Drinking to get drunk: influences on young adult drinking behaviours
    Alcohol Concern and Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, collaborated to consult 1,000 young people aged 16-24 years across the UK about what defines and influences their age group’s relationship to alcohol. Price and ...

    Publisher: Alcohol Concern and Balance
    Published Date: 2012

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